January 12, 2020

Toxic Moms and the Divorce Process: One Man’s Experience

Interview with Keith Brown

Phoenix, Arizona – Marriage is common. Usually, about 90% of us marry. However, divorce is also common and this happens for about 40-50% of all married couples. Marriages with children are especially difficult. Children often become pawns in the divorce arena.

Keith Brown, who used to be a resident of Phoenix, Arizona but who now lives in Texas, is recently separated and divorce is inevitable. Keith’s story involves what some counselors and coaches call “toxic moms”. It is a phrase not without controversy, because there are “toxic dads” who frustrate the divorce process and aggravate the stability of children, but we hear far less about these dads. Unfortunately, toxic moms are real, and they seek to thwart not only the stability of the children, but also attack the men and their new relationships.

Keith had problems from the beginning of the marriage, and it seems a fair assessment that he probably should have ended the relationship on date two. Yet, he had this unshakeable and strangely romantic belief that he would stick by his wife no matter the cost. He lost his friends due to his choice. His friends detected her toxicity. Keith had a stable job that paid the bills. His wife did not work. She began to squander his money and Keith tracked her down at several casinos. Keith became ill and could no longer work. It was about this time his son was born. Unbeknownst to him, his wife was slowly putting all their major possessions in her name. Keith began receiving Social Security and he believed his wife was cheating on him. She obtained a Protective Order, in preparation of divorce Keith believed, but allowed Keith to stay in the home. It was then she began to “implant” ideas into their son. The Department of Child Safety became involved and he claims he was told his son was “terrified of him and wanted nothing to do with him” though he was under the age of five at the time. Keith’s wife began telling him to kill himself so his child could get his Social Security. His wife then called the police to have him removed from their home. The police showed and questioned why, if she was so scared of Keith and got a Protective Order, she let him back into the house for another year. Keith was removed with no access to his Social Security, bank accounts, or other belongings. He now claims to be homeless in Texas. His greatest regret was that he “lost contact with his son and he is being used as a weapon in the divorce.”

Keith’s story is not unique. It is not uncommon for children to be alienated from one parent. Mothers are often at the forefront of this alienation, but not enough research has been done as to whether women do it at a higher rate than men. Regardless, toxic moms exist and they can do grave harm to a child, particularly during the divorce process.

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