November 30, 2019

Men Trust: A Wellness Coach Helping Men Navigate Toxic Relationships


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November 30, 2019 | Story by Risa Peris

Phoenix, Arizona – Michelle Terrell, a Health and Wellness Coach, provides support and counseling to men in toxic relationships or who are trying to extricate themselves from toxic relationships. Many of these men are fathers who are trying to protect their children and preserve their relationship with their children.

Ms. Terrell just completed her annual men’s deep immersion weekend, which is three days of presenting content, sharing meals, and interactive processing. Ms. Terrell said, “This is the tenth year I have hosted this event. Our theme this year was ‘Soulful and Strong Hearted’. Eighteen students were in attendance and three film crews were present doing documentaries.” She admitted that she thought the camera crews would distract her but she said, “Once I got rolling the passion took over…I usually cap my students at ten…but there has been such a surge in interest lately,” that she allowed for more men to attend.

Ms. Terrell stated that her greatest challenge as of late has been, “extremely toxic exes, or soon to be wives, that have crossed lines and intruded upon my work-space and my personal life in aggressive ways.” Most men she commented, “Don’t have the skill to navigate emotionally escalated situations. This is where I come in and enrich their lives and provide support.” But the “rare, clinically derailed and hostile women require a completely different approach.”

Ms. Terrell went on to say, “There is a grief process we all must go through when our love lives shift and also when we grow up and become disenchanted with the norm cultures programming that is supposed to result in relationship success.”

To improve her work and conduct workshops, Ms. Terrell said, “I have been learning new coursework and [re-evaluating my own relationships].” It made her realize what a huge commitment her clients make in coming to one of her workshops or retreats. Ms. Terrell has also noted her fire “coming back to the work after a few years of stepping back…I am ready for the next phase in life and work after twenty-three years.” She claims to feel “safe and relaxed…[and] my clients get the best of me and make the most significant process.”

Ms. Terrell said if she ever felt like she was going to “work” or seeing a client was just work then she would change things not endure it. She would never do things for just the money. She has to have a professional and motivated interest in her clients. She only takes on clients that match her core truth.


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