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Phoenix, Arizona – Jeff Hebner, CEO and Founder of Deck of a Deal, has created an app that people can download, get deals at local stores and venues using playing cards, and that offers games for users to play regardless of whether they utilize a deal. The business idea has been forming for a few years and Jeff initially had a business partner who created the foundation of the app. However, his business partner, who Bipolar and schizophrenia eventually took his own life. Jeff pressed on.


Jeff now uses a programmer in India whom Jeff says does “excellent work and a fraction of the cost”. He was initially hesitant to use an Indian programmer, but the partnership is working. Jeff is getting excellent work at a reasonable rate. He also utilizes Fivver for various aspects of his business.


This is Jeff’s first business venture and is certainly not a serial entrepreneur. He has a successful day job and drove Uber most nights to pay for launching his business. He has no investors and is currently not seeking investments. However, he is looking to make connections at Arizona State University, particularly in the business department. Jeff says he is looking to make “connections and possibly find a partner” for his business venture.


According to TechJury, 21%  of Android apps are game apps and games account for 43% of all Smartphone use. Influencer Marketing Hub states that 50% of all gamers are women. Combining gaming with discount savings at stores and restaurants could prove to be a powerful concoction for Deck of a Deal if it succeeds in attracting women. But there is market saturation of games and savings sites like Groupon still own a solid chunk of the savings market.


Jeff is a veteran and personally struggles with mental illness. This has not detracted from his commitment to his business and making it a success. He’s done the research, he’s made the investment, he just now needs to hit his target goals. It will be interesting to see how the growth of his business unfolds.



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