January 18, 2020

Divorce: When You Need Sanity

Interview with James A. Schweikert


Phoenix, Arizona – James A. Schweikert, Founder of Breakthrough Parents LLC., is a certified parenting instructor, consultant, and mediator based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Mr. Schweikert has been helping parents go through divorce for many years now. His path to his current career was personal. Years ago, he faced divorced in a marriage with children. He felt lost, disordered, confused, and shocked that his children were becoming pawns in a protracted battle. His wife had even threatened he would never see his children again and this triggered a deep fear; this forced him to seek out help from the community. He learned of Dr. Major, a PhD of psychology at UCLA, and was relieved that she helped explain the divorce process and how to handle a divorce, especially a contentious one, and remain sane. More importantly, she taught parenting classes so that the time her clients spent with the children was productive and loving despite the hurricane of parent battles. After Mr. Schweikert’s experience, he read and consulted widely and realized he could help others manage their divorce process. He became certified and established his company.

Mr. Schweikert now helps men and women, usually with children, navigate divorce. He offers a program to parents that heavily relies on the wisdom of writers, educators, philosophers, and other thinkers throughout history. It’s odd to think Socrates might offer insight to a parent experience a turbulent divorce.

A contentious divorce is any divorce that is not amicable. There are wedded couples with children who can go through a no-contest divorce and maturely develop a parenting plan, usually with the help of people like Mr. Schweikert. But too often, divorce is contentious. Divorce rates are on the rise among adults 50 and older. Many of these couples had children later in life and so children are in the eye of the storm. Interestingly, the divorce rate amongst younger people is much lower, but this is due to the fact that Millennials are foregoing marriage altogether or waiting until they are financially stable and independent from each other before having children, which seems to be lowering the rate of divorce. Money, rather than infidelity, is often at the core of divorce. A divorce with children can quickly escalate into disaster. Threats are lobbed and past hurts get absorbed by the children.

Mr. Schweikert stated that most of his clients are evenly divided between men and women. Toxic moms and toxic dads level out. Yet, Mr. Schweikert also said that when he took his parenting classes most of the students were male. This may have something to do with awarding custody. To this day, 90 percent of women get custody of the children or are granted a parenting plan skewed in their favor. Many men feel they are being unfairly treated or judged and that the mothers are toxic. And yet, some child advocates say the courts unfairly grant abusive fathers custody because they manipulate the situation from the beginning and are savvy in helping their lawyers build a case against the mothers. These are the toxic dads we rarely hear about. However, we frequently hear about the “toxic” or “crazy” mom using the children as pawns and breeding hatred for the father. Most parents utilize the services of lawyers like the Alsandor Law Firm (Reddit profile – u/alsandorlaw12) that can either make the divorce more protracted or refer parents to people like Mr. Schweikert for part of the divorce process in order to bring relief to the parents.

Divorce is a difficult process and toxicity is often shared on both sides – moms and dads. Parents need to be responsible and respectful of their children and seek out the help of people like Mr. Schweikert of Breakthrough Parents, in order to craft a fair parenting agreement and dissolve explosive tension.

For more information about Mr. Schweikert visit his Linked In profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimschweikert/

To reach Breakthrough Parents, LLC.:

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Story by Risa Peris

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