July 19, 2019

Changing the World One Man at a Time

Story by Risa Peris

PHOENIX, ARIZONA USA – Michelle Terrell, a Health and Wellness Coach since 1995, has made a practice of helping men navigate toxic relationships with women and believes she is changing the world one man at a time.

In an age of the #MeToo movement, Ms. Terrell is helping men feel empowered and become loving fathers and peace negotiators in families where the women are often found to be “toxic” to the family due to a variety of reasons, including mental health disorders like Bipolar or Borderline Personality. She remarked that some men stay in these difficult relationships because of their children and they are often at odds with the matriarchs of the family.

Ms. Terrell was asked about her thoughts on the #MeToo movement and she said, “I think the #MeToo movement is just a stage in our human evolution and cultural shift. One more small step to shaking things up.” She went on to say that, “More evolved, healed and mature men are not upset by it and lesser men that need more maturation and education are the most inclined to feel threatened by and fearful about it because they simply lack the skills emotionally to navigate new territory and adapt.”

This is the core of Ms. Terrell’s work. She seeks to help men mature and evolve. She tears down stereotypes and helps men achieve authenticity while being a strong role model for their families. Ms. Terrell is driven by a “micro to macro” philosophy that holds that changing men’s attitudes and their role in the family sphere will ripple out to the world – neighbors, towns, cities, countries – and build greater harmony. Ms. Terrell stresses that men have “superpowers” when influencing their families and establishing themselves as solid, evolved father figures even though that in some families there are “toxic women” who seek to undermine the family.

Interestingly, the divorce rate in the USA is dropping, but this is attributed to millennials who either forgo marriage or wait until they are educationally and financially sound. Yet, divorce is still an issue and some men, those counseled by Ms. Terrell, struggle to stay in their marriage due to their children. The men she treats want to stay with their children and Ms. Terrell helps them evolve, own their manhood, and become role models for their children.

Ms. Terrell runs her services out of the Phoenix area in Arizona but helps clients around the world. Her website, Inspired Love Life, deftly explains her philosophy and experience. Ms. Terrell concluded by saying that, “If men are well then women, children and the planet are well. If people can’t have peace in their homes how can we ever expect the global family to get along?”. This is a revolutionary statement in an age of #MeToo where men have expressed being under attack. If men, many fathers, change so goes the world.

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