April 5, 2020

Bitpaper Is The Digital Tool in Our Changed World


Bitpaper is an online tool that creates papers using a combination of text, pictures, graphics, video, and other features. You can call or video call a person – student or colleague – and teach or collaborate on a project. Bitpaper has the added benefit of being able to send a link to the person you are working with so that they can annotate the paper. You can create as many papers as you want and can create a multitude of papers within one document paper. 

Bitpaper is an ideal way to confer with colleagues or students in another state or down the street from you. Its powerful features allow for engaging teaching and demonstration. It is also a great way to exchange information. You can even export your paper as a PDF. 

In this age of COVID-19, where social distancing has become the norm, Bitpaper can step in and be your electronic hero. Do you teach or tutor? Invite your student to your class through audio or video and begin learning. Are you a colleague who needs to collaborate with another colleague? Do you need to train a staff member? Bitpaper has exploded due to social distancing and with so many people working and learning from home. However, Bitpaper was always a savvy tool to reach people online and explain, teach, or present. Many people were already working remotely or teaching remotely despite our current situation. Bitpaper is a tool for our age. 

Bitpaper has all the features you need for an amazing learning experience. Uploading pictures or documents only increases the effectiveness of your class time. 

Do you want to know the best part? It’s free. Simply set up an account and start creating papers!

Bitpaper’s usefulness will only grow as online tools continue to grow. 

Don’t wait! Go to Bitpaper.io and set up a free account today. Get ready to dramatically improve how you communicate and teach others in our digital age. 

For more information, go to: https://www.bitpaper.io/features

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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