Hi! I’m RISA C. PERIS. Thanks for stopping by.

Risa Peris, trained in law, education, and behavioral health, is a published writer who is committed to sharing progressive news and information that matters to people who are committed to making the world a better and safer place.

Ms. Peris has dedicated her career to fighting for the rights of those abused, dispossessed, seeking asylum, and marginalized in society. This has spurred her to interview and disseminate information for public education and knowledge through a news platform that addresses social and human rights issues both locally and globally. Ms. Peris strives for the truth and considers multiple perspectives in her work. Her goal is the truth – uncut by partisan politics.

She has done extensive work in legal services in and after law school and has supported men, women, and children in achieving justice and fairness.

Ms. Peris has worked for Child Protective Services as a child abuse investigator and a behavioral health organization where she worked with children at risk.

Ms. Peris has many stories to share helping her clients and ensuring the safety of her clients. Perhaps her most rewarding experience was working for Child Protective Services where every day she helped children seek stability, fairness, and, most of all, safety in their every day lives. This position galvanized Ms. Peris towards social and human rights issues. She learned the complexity of families and nearly every issue that effects families. Ms. Peris represented the whole family and often this meant helping the abuser seek counseling, treatment, and education. All issues have several perspectives, and this has spurred her to create a website that seeks a balanced truth and not a partisan spoiler. The goal of Uncut Report is to inform, trigger thinking, and open debate.

Despite Ms. Peris concerning herself with serious matters, she seeks levity and creativity in life. Ms. Peris has published three fiction books including a picture book for children. She currently has a fiction blog ( www.200wordstory.org), which is approaching its second year birthday with a writing partner in Dublin, Ireland. She is also an abstract painter, an adult learner of the violin, and an avid collector of books, dolls, miniatures, and Pez dispensers.

When not writing or working on other projects, she dreams of having a chicken sanctuary, a sloth as a walking partner, and a refrigerator full of cheesecake. She loves polka dots, mixing cocktails, and mysteries – from Sherlock Holmes to the quirkiness of quantum stuff. She comes from a land that is occasionally full of fire, floods, rumbling earth, famous people, and with a tendency to riot – California. However, she is now safely tucked away in Phoenix, Arizona and is considering buying a bird friend for her whimsical home.

For more information about Uncut Report, media inquiries, story ideas, and Ms. Peris, send an email to uncutreport@gmail.com or reach out via Twitter at @uncutreport1. You can also reach out via Facebook by visiting our web page: @uncutreport.